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History of the Palace

This magical neo-gothic palace are situated in a huge landscape park, near the road from Prudnik to Krapkowice (road nr. 409). The first known palace was built in 1750, and its builder was Erdman Karl von Redern (Lineage of Krapkowice). Yet before Dobra was a knight’s seat, who was called Caspar Rohoffsky. A plaque commemorating the knight is situated on the wall of the church in Dobra. In 1780 family von Readern sold palace. The buyer is Henryk Leopold von Seherr-Thoss – member of the great landowners, enterprising and development family. Seherr-Thoss had owned the Palace of Dobra till 1945.

In the Palace of Dobra lived – Muriel von Seherr-Thoss (maiden Muriel White). One of the most beautiful women at that time in Silesia. She was the daughter of Henry White – one of the signers of the Treaty of Versailles. Histrory of Muriel is one of the most captivating and touching history during the Second World War. Muriel died tragically in 5 march 1943r.

Park and garden it is the work of royal court gardener Gustav Meyer and outstanding landscape gardener Eduard Petzold.
In 1945 the palace was severely damaged during the battles between German and Russian army. After 1945 palace was burning and fell into total ruin.

In 2000 bulding was bought by Franciszek Jopek who started the reconstruction of the castle. The investor made incredible challenges which takes many years. The palace was rescued and the park undergoes a revitalization. In 2015, at the top of the tower was pulled crown – it is a symbol of a new chapter in the history of Palace Dobra.